Jason deCaires Taylor

Jason deCaires Taylor is the World’s leading underwater sculptor. Jason's works, including the MUSA underwater museum in Mexico, have reached a global audience of over 1 billion people.


Award-Winning Photographer

Environmentalist At Heart

Created The First Underwater Museum

Jason was among the first wave of new-generation artists to dive into the underwater realm and highlight it as an artistic exhibition space. His permanent underwater works span several continents and explore themes of conservation and environmental activism.

Jason’s projects aim to open debate about our relationship to our seas and highlight the importance of conserving them. He believes being underwater is a deeply personal, liberating and otherworldly experience. Through his work, Jason hopes to usher in a new era of culturally and environmentally aware tourism with the goal that more tourists will see our natural wonders as breathing ecosystems. Jason says once his works are submerged they no longer belong to him – they belong to the ocean and all the creatures that live there.

Jason's Projects

Museo Atlantico

  • Location: Lanzarote
  • Year: 2016

The Museo Atlantico is the first underwater museum in Europe and the Atlantic Ocean. It is located off the coast of Spain in 14m deep waters.  It is Jason’s first large-scale architectural works installation and includes a 30m long wall and gateway. Designed to create a large-scale artificial reef, the first works which were installed in February 2016 have already seen an increase of over 200% in marine biomass & have attracted regular visits by rare angel sharks, schools of barracudas & sardines, octopus & marine sponges.

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