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John Brewer Reef

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The John Brewer Reef 'Coral Greenhouse' is located in the heart of the Greater Barrier Reef Marine Park and is the largest MOUA installation, sharing a message of reef conservation and restoration.

It is the first-ever underwater building created by Artist Jason deCaires Taylor, who hopes to advance education and offer opportunities for scientists, marine students and tourists to engage in action-based learning and to conduct globally important research on coral reef restoration and new technology.

Weighing more than 58 tonnes, the 'Coral Greenhouse' is filled with 20 reef guardians who are propagating coral  spreading the message of reef conservation.

Installation was completed in December 2019, with an official opening of the site scheduled for April 1 2020. The 'Coral Greenhouse' was made possible through a $2 million Queensland Government grant.

The site's proposed official opening is in April of 2020.


Location of The Coral Greenhouse on John Brewer Reef.

Naturally-Formed Beauty

The John Brewer Reef, located offshore from Townsville in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, is a naturally-formed reef, with some weather protection, 10-15metre visibility, natural coral walls and a flat sandy base on which the art can be secured.

The MOUA is of a scale and nature to attract a global audience and a site where commercial tourism operators will be granted controlled access. Public access and safety measures are still being finalised.


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