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The Strand

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The inaugural sculpture in the Southern Hemisphere’s first Museum of Underwater Art, the 'Ocean Siren' is installed alongside North Queensland’s iconic Strand Jetty in Townsville.

'Ocean Siren' is modelled on local Wulgurukaba Traditional Owner Takoda Johnson, with a vision to inspire reef and ocean conservation action and achieve positive environmental outcomes.

The ‘Ocean Siren’ reacts to live water temperature data from the Davies Reef weather station on the Great Barrier Reef and changes colour in response to live variations in water temperature. It was installed in December 2019, made possible through a $2 million Queensland Government grant.

The sculpture is free to view and open 24/7!

Location of Ocean Siren on The Strand, Townsville.



The sign showing what each colour represents on 'The Ocean Siren'.

Right On Our Doorstep

The Strand is located in the heart of Townsville, North Queensland.

The 'Ocean Siren' sculpture is installed 30 metres from the shoreline above the water, adjacent to Strand Pier.

The Sculpture is free to view 24/7 and can be seen facing the reef to act as 'a reef guardian'.

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