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Why MOUA Matters

The Museum of Underwater Art will be a globally-significant asset to Townsville and the surrounding regions and more broadly to Queensland and Australia.

As the only underwater art museum in the Southern Hemisphere - along with being a major tourism attraction, economic injector, job generator and marine science and research hub, MOUA will act to highlight reef conservation, restoration and education on a global scale.

In short MOUA matters. It matters to many different people in many different industries and many different locations.


To The


The vision of MOUA is to inspire reef and ocean conservation action and achieve positive environmental outcomes.


To The


MOUA is forecast to generate over $42m in regional economic activity annually. MOUA is expected to attract an additional 50,000 visitors to the Townsville region annually providing a boost to local businesses.


To Local


MOUA will set Townsville apart as a globally significant environmental tourism destination.


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MOUA aims to advance education & offer opportunities for scientists, marine students & tourists to engage in action-based learning.


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Arts & Culture

MOUA is an opportunity to use art to highlight our natural masterpiece – the Great Barrier Reef.


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Global Research Effort

MOUA is an opportunity to conduct globally important research on coral reef restoration and new technology.


To Palm Islands

Indigenous Story Telling

By engaging the community to connect the cultural story of Palm Island, the reef, stewardship, Corroboree, Land and Sea.


To Local


Providing employment, training & cultural education opportunities for the people of Palm Island & generate 182 jobs annually for the Townsville community.

The Community

The Museum of Underwater Art matters to different individuals and businesses in unique ways.

Bek Barr, Business Owner

"I believe MOUA Matters because at the heart of its vision is creating positive outcomes for the environment. It will be like a beacon of change and hope for our Great Barrier Reef that will engage and inspire people of all ages, occupations and locations all around the World to make a positive environmental choices."

Shantelle Scovell, North Queenslander

"As a Business Professional working within the Townsville corporate community I see that it matters to business confidence and economic activity, while as a mother of two young children I believe it matters as a tool to highlight the importance of preserving and restoring our Great Barrier Reef now, so that they too have the chance to enjoy it as adults."

Peter Johnson, Business Owner

"MOUA Matters to me as a local Business Owner because I believe it is important to see investment and growth in the region, not only infrastructure and population, but in tourism and arts offerings.  MOUA is a game-changer for our region and will inject millions into the local economy every year benefiting local businesses."

Paulette Johnson, Mother of 'Ocean Siren' Muse Takoda Johnson

"It is wonderful to see Traditional Owners recognised in such a prominent way. My Grandad who has passed away, Arthur Johnson, would be so proud to know that his great-granddaughter is being sculpted in this way, that we have input as Traditional Owners through this part of it"

Alf Lacey, Mayor of Palm Island

"The Museum of Underwater Art is a game changer that will transform the economic opportunities for the people of Palm Island."

Does MOUA Matter To You?


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