Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Four Unique Locations

  • Palm Island
  • Coral Greenhouse
  • Ocean Siren
  • Magnetic Island
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Situated on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia off the shore of Townsville, North Queensland the Museum of Underwater Art is a globally-significant attraction.

Along with being a major tourism attraction, economic injector, job generator and marine science and research hub, it will, through art, act to highlight reef conservation, restoration and education on a global scale.

  • -18.6894° S
  • 146.5392° E

Palm Island

North Queensland

Coral Greenhouse

Townsville, North Queensland

  • -19.2463° S
  • 146.8108° E

Ocean Siren

Townsville, North Queensland

  • -19.1359° S
  • 146.8424° E

Magnetic Island

North Queensland, Australia

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